The following letters were written by our grandfather's Trust attorney, upon receipt of a letter from Atty. Swanson and then a letter from Irene's granddaughter (also included here). The letter that Atty. E. (the Trust attorney) received from Atty Swanson did not even pertain to the Trust business, so the Trust attorney should not have even been employed as a middle man for this game. If Atty. Swanson was truly representing our Grandmother's interests, then he would have been communicating with us directly. The fact of the matter is that Atty. Swanson was not representing her "feelings" nor interests, but rather was representing the interests of her son.

May 10, 2002

RE: Milt Johnson Estate

Dear XXXX and XXXX:

Enclosed find a copy of a letter that I received today from R. John Swanson. I find it difficult to believe that your mother does not want to talk to her grandchildren, however, as you can see from the letter, I have been requested to convey her feelings to you and I therefore enclose a copy of the same.

Sincerely yours,



May 20, 2002

Dear Attorney E.:

This letter is to notify you that if Attorney R. John Swanson has anything to say to me pertaining to my Grandmother, Irene Johnson, then he should contact me directly. Surely, Mr. Swanson must be aware that you are not responsible for personal matters.

This weekend, I have been informed that Mr. Swanson is claiming to you that my Grandmother does not want to talk to her grandchildren and that she refused to talk to me. For the record, this is false. When I called to speak to my Grandmother on May 7th, XXXXX (the son) would not let me speak to her. She never refused to talk to me because he never let her talk to me. This has happened on several occasions. My Grandmother is not being allowed to express anything to me. XXXXX is blocking all contact with Irene. So Mr. Swanson is quite mistaken when he claims that Irene has let me know "quite definitely." Moreover, if my Grandmother is his client, then she should be the one contacting Mr. Swanson about phone calls, not XXXXX (the son). Otherwise, it appears as if she is being used as a puppet.

Regardless, Mr. Swanson should not be using you as a go-between.



May 30, 2002

RE: Milton Johnson Jr. Estate

Dear John:

Enclosed find a letter that I received from XXXX XXXX, a granddaughter of Irene Johnson's. I consistently get different views on all aspects of the relationship between Irene and her family than what you are telling me. I find it difficult to believe that Irene Johnson would suddenly turn against all of the members of her family with the exception of XXXX (the son). Is there a way that we can try to reunify this family rather than move them apart?

I would appreciate your response to the letter from XXXXX.

Sincerely yours,




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